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  • + How do I get a quotation ?

    The easiest and quickest way to get a quotation is to email us a dimensioned plan or sketch of the worktops giving us as much information as you can including worktop thickness, cut outs required, material choice ( if known).  We will then reply back with our quotation.

  • Are you a member of the Worktop Fabricator Federation ?

    Yes we are a proud member of the Worktop Fabricator Federation.  All members are quality fabricators who have proven they carry out there work to Health & Safety standards and promote good practice throughout the worktop industry.

  • Do you have a showroom ?

    Yes we have a showroom with full kitchen displays in Granite, Engineered Quartz and Dekton.  We also carry stock of over 300 full slabs of various materials.  If you would like to visit you are most welcome.

  • + Do you supply samples ?

    Yes we keep samples of most materials, if we do not have the sample in stock we can arrange for one to be sent out to you.

  • + How will you template for our worktops ?

    We use the latest Digital Templating system which is by far the most accurate way to create a template for your worktops.  A laser will be set up in the room and a digital scan will be taken capturing all cabinet, wall and sink positions.  This accurate information will then be used to manufacture your worktops in our factory in Frome.

  • What stage does the kitchen installation need to be at prior to the templating visit ?

    Customer check list prior to our template visit.

    1. All cabinet base units and furniture need to be fixed in their final positions
    2. All taps, sinks, hobs, white goods, sink templates and sink accessories need to be on site and available to the templater.
    3. Belfast sinks need to be located in their final position.
    4. Undermounted sinks need to be fixed in a supporting cradle and the top of the sink flush with the top of the carcus.
    5. All free standing cookers/Range cookers need to be located in their position.
    6. All boxing of pipework needs to be completed.
    7. If you are replacing existing worktops then all worktops need to be removed prior to the templating visit.
  • Can I view the material before manufacture starts ?

    Yes, Please let us know and we can arrange a visit for you.

  • + Do you cut out the sinks by hand ?

    No, We have a full CNC factory with the latest technology and your worktops will be accurately machined and finished to the highest standards.

  • + Do you cut and polish our worktops on site ?

    No, We do not manufacture your worktops on site, we have invested in a full CNC factory where the manufacture of your worktops will take place Cutting and polishing of Granite or Quartz worktops on site with out the proper dust suppression is against our Health & Safety policy.  Be careful, there are some companies that work out the back of a van and do all the worktop fabrication at your premises.

  • If I have an undermounted sink is this fixed to the underside of the worktop ?

    No, the undermounted sink should be supported by a framework in the carcus.  This is the best  and safest option.

  • I want to replace my current worksurfaces, is this a service you offer ?

    Yes we can offer this service for you.  Please contact the office to discuss the options available.

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